Custom Desktop BI Dashboards

Custom Desktop BI Solutions and Applications

Custom Desktop BI Solutions and Applications

Desktop custom business intelligence solutions

In need of a custom Dashboard or BI Application
for Windows, Mac or Both?

Sometimes ready-made solutions cannot comply with all your requirements. You can end up wasting valuable time testing numerous Business Intelligence applications and never finding the set of features you need. Luckily, we already have the components that can do most of the hard work. This allows us to quickly develop custom and branded digital dashboards for a variety of platforms such as:
Custom dashboards for windows

Need to have a custom BI Application developed for Windows?

You will hardly find a provider that can do it better than us. Whether you need great Charts, Diagrams or just impeccable UI you will soon find the benefits of having an application developed by a leading data visualization vendor company for Windows.

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Custom cross platform dashboards

Need to have a Digital Dashboard or a rich UI Application that is working on both Windows and Mac?

By using the Nevron Open Vision product range, this is possible and we can do it for you! You don't need to hire a large number of developers to make a solution for both Windows and Mac. Just contact us today and see how cost effective Cross-Platform development can be!

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Custom dashboards for Mac

Mac (OSX)
Need to have a BI application developed for the Mac or just ported to the Mac?

By using the Nevron Open Vision product range, we can develop a native Mac application inside Microsoft Visual Studio!

Custom Mac development has never been more affordable and quick.

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Integrating a dashboard in existing app

Integrate a BI Dashboard into existing .NET Software

Sometimes you may simply need to extend your existing applications with Data Visualization and BI capabilities. If you are using .NET, then we want to hear from you.

Nevron Consulting is specialized in integrating the Data Visualization and BI components of the Nevron Vision for .NET and Nevron Open Vision for .NET product lines.

Nevron Consulting is the fastest and most efficient way to integrate leading Data Visualization inside your .NET applications.