BI and Reporting Solutions

SQL Server

SQL Server Reporting

Business methodology nowadays allows the collection and storage of large amounts of data regarding nearly every aspect of the business lifecycle. Microsoft’s SQL Server database is one of the most widely used means of storing this information. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a SQL Server add-on, that can help you translate your data into meaningful insights that any member of the organization can use to make informed decisions.

It will be hard to find a company with deeper and more detailed understanding of SQL Server Reporting Services. Besides building complete reporting solutions, we can provide you with exceptional data visualization that SSRS does not offer by default. We can also develop custom Report Items to solve your most complex data visualization needs.

If your company owns an Enterprise, Standard or Express edition of Microsoft SQL Server, you already have Reporting Services available to you. All you need to do is to configure it to provide every decision maker with the information he or she needs. This is where Nevron Consulting can help you.

Sharepoint dashboards

SharePoint Dashboards

With over 7 years of experience in developing custom data visualization web parts for SharePoint our team of experts has extensive technical knowledge and understanding of SharePoint. Additionally, we have worked with hundreds of small and large companies to understand what they need to visualize and how this information will benefit their working process.

This gives us the confidence that we can satisfy your most complex data visualization needs by integrating the highest quality data visualization solution for SharePoint available today. Furthermore we can customize it to fit your own unique needs and requirements. No data visualization task is impossible in SharePoint, if you are working with Nevron Consulting.

Benefits of serlf service bi

Self-Service BI Solutions

Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) is a new trend in data-analysis that enables business users to access and explore corporate data without the IT department’s involvement.

We are working with leading self-service BI vendors and can help your organization embed self-service BI into its daily activities. This will ultimately make your company more productive, as virtually all members of the organizations can have the potential to drill company data and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Desktop dashboards

Custom Desktop Dashboards

Sometimes ready-made solutions cannot comply with all your requirements. You can waste valuable time testing numerous ready-made Business Intelligence solutions, that are simply not made for you specific business need.

Luckily, we already have the components that can do most of the hard work. This allows us to quickly develop custom and branded digital dashboards for Windows and Mac.

If you need a custom Desktop data visualization solution that works on both Windows and Mac - Nevron Consulting can help.

Mobile dashboards

Custom Mobile Dashboards

When data needs to be visualized On-The-Go, you need to have a Mobile Dashboard.

Nevron Consulting can develop custom and branded Mobile Dashboards for Android and iOS devices, by assembling ready-made data visualization components. This allows us to offer short development times, affordable prices and outstanding quality - indeed a great offer.

If you need a custom Mobile dashboard that works on iOS and Android - Nevron Consulting can help.

Web business intelligence

Custom Web Dashboards

When data needs to be visualized on the Web, you need to have a Web Dashboard.

Nevron Consulting can develop custom and branded Web Dashboards that are compliant will all modern browsers and use pure HTML5 technology. With over 15 years of experience in building web components for data visualization, we are in position to quickly develop Web applications that show your data over the Web.

If you need a custom Web dashboard that works on all types of Browsers - Nevron Consulting can help.