Self-Service BI Solutions

Self-Service BI Solutions.
Business analytics
anyone can use.

Self-Service BI Solutions.
Business analytics anyone can use.

Self service BI
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About Self-Service BI Solutions

Self-service business intelligence (SSBI) is an approach to data-analysis that enables business users to access and work with corporate information without the IT department’s involvement.

If you have a large number of people that needs to regularly perform data analysis and there is no static reporting tool that can do the work – then self-service BI is for you. With a self-service BI solution at hand, the people in your organization will be capable of exploring your data at a daily basis. This will ultimately increase the performance and effectiveness of your organization.

Benefits of serlf service bi

Benefits of Self-Service BI

By integrating self-service BI in your organization you ensure the following benefits:
  • Productivity. Self-service BI tools increase productivity by decreasing longer turnaround times often found when there is a need to go through multiple business departments such as IT operations. Self-service BI allows business users to quickly respond to changes, ask and answer their own questions, while avoiding long turnaround times typically experienced in IT operations.
  • Flexibility. Each end user may be asking different questions, and looking for different answers. With flexible in-memory acceleration, users are able to create reports and answer questions for themselves, rather than having an IT department create reports for each question/user. Especially as data volumes grow, this becomes increasingly critical.
  • Scalability. BI tools are not just for the big players in business anymore. Using self-service options, BI becomes more affordable and available for smaller companies. BI software has historically been the domain of larger enterprises – mainly due to skill, time and cost required to implement. Today however it’s being used by businesses of all sizes.
  • Predictability. Predictive analytics is playing a pivotal role in business operations today. The ability to perform real-time “what-if” analyses throughout a work day creates a self-sufficient, informed workforce.

Integrating self service BI

Integration Process

Although self-service BI is for everyone, integrating it in your organization requires an expert. Nevron Consulting is here to help you make the right choices and minimize the time needed to start benefiting from self-service BI.

Following is our typical working process:

Business Model and Data Assessment

Data Preparation Services

Integration of Self-Service BI Solution

Support and Training

Our Self-Service BI Partners

Nevron Consulting provides you with complete support for embedding self-service BI systems into your organization. We work with leading self-service BI vendors to ensure that you really have the solution that fits your business model and needs.

Currently Nevron Consulting is integrating turn-key solutions based on the following BI platforms:

Tableau Software Logo
Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to connect to data in a few clicks, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards with a few more. Tableau solution is easy enough for any Excel user to learn, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds.

Qlickview logo
Qlik simplifies the way people use data by making it a natural part of how they make decisions. The Qlik mission - “Simplifying decisions for everyone, everywhere,” is about harnessing the real potential of data – big and small - and unleashing its power to change the world.