Executive Business Intelligence Dashboard

As the person obliged to take all serious decisions for your organization, having the right metrics is of extreme importance to you. Viewing your data will help you be aware of all current events that affect productivity and profitability thus allowing you to focus your attention exactly where it is needed.

Nevron Consulting can help you not only in observing everything important to you by providing you with the right dashboard, but can also be of assistance when you need to supply information to your investors or government organizations.
Executive dashboards

Track your investments

No one else in your organization needs information gathered together as much as you do. After all this information presents the current state of your investment and it is of your best interest to have this knowledge at any time so you can act in prevention to problems. Nevron Consulting can help you view this information visualized in charts and graphs that you can easily understand and use as a base of your decisions.

Take your knowledge everywhere you go

Nevron Consulting can offer you a BI Dashboard that can be available to you anywhere you are, on any device you choose to use. Whether you want it to be online, installed on your laptop or mobile device - we can provide you exactly what you need so you have the answers to your questions just a click away, independent of location!

EBITDA - Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization

Observe your company's earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization as well as each of those metrics on its own, to best understand how much profit your company generates with its present assets and its operations on the products it produces and sells. Have a clear understanding of all the aspects of your business to help yourself focus efforts on the areas where you can optimize operations to increase profitability.