Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Retail Industry

When in the retail industry, you're constantly under fire from multiple directions. Do you have enough stock? Do you have the right stock? Are your stores located in the right areas and more importantly- are they managed according to the demands of their location? Is your staff enough or too much? Are your customer service practices satisfactory or exceptional?

Nevron Consulting can help you find the answers to all of the above questions plus many more by supplying you with visualized data that gives you the relative information you need to plan and act strategically.

Track stock in real time

You can have a dashboard connected to your system that tells you at any time what amount of a certain item you have around your shops and allow you to transfer stock from one location or another prior to running out of a demanded product. You can always know which product is sold mostly in a specific location and allocate your resources correctly as well which of your products are endangered by the expiration dates running out in order to plan your measures accordingly.

Ensure your team has the right quality and amount of people

Track employees' performance throughout your organizations and encourage the ones doing well or demand more from those performing poorly. Analyze the busiest hours and locations and ensure you always have the right amount of people needed to handle your customers so you never lose potential profit.

Provide exceptional customers service

One of the key aspects of any retail business nowadays is providing exceptional customer service that breeds loyalty and brings profits. Nevron Consulting can help you creating a dashboard following through the process of handling every customer and showing you if the chain breaks anywhere or if there's an area you can work on to improve.