Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Real Estate Industry

Using business intelligence dashboards in real estate business can quickly help you transform challenges into opportunities by serving you with the visual data you need to make strategic decisions.

Whether you need to monitor trends for home prices, perform site analysis of areas using diverse range of data or plan your sales strategies - we can help you create the perfect dashboard which will save you countless hours spent trying to make sense of tabular data.
Real estate

See all your properties on a map with detailed structured info

Imagine having the option to look at a dashboard where all your properties are shown in detail and you can analyze them by parameters such as cost, location, safety of the area and many more. At Nevron Consulting we can create this for you and have it update automatically with your future records.

View and understand market trends

A dashboard that visualizes changes in home prices throughout the years and allows you to modify various parameters and make predictions according to current events can dramatically improve your sales volumes. It can be a handy tool for your team in their day to day activities and tell them where to invest efforts and where to hold back.

Back your proposals with data

Create a customized dashboards that allows you to back presentation with data when approaching a customer with proposal. Whether it be on the number of sales in a certain area, number of amenities available to future home owners, medium price of houses or even the medium number of bedrooms per house in a certain area- you can visualize this data and help your prospect customer take decisions faster and with confidence.