Porting .NET Apps to the Web and Mac

Porting .NET Applications to Web and macOS

Specialized consulting services in the areas of:
  • Porting Legacy .NET Applications to the Web
  • Porting Legacy .NET Applications to macOs
  • Making Legacy .NET Applications Cross-Platform
  • Cross-Platform .NET Application Development

Porting .NET Applications to the Web and Mac

Nevron Consulting can help you port your existing .NET Application for Windows as a full-blown Web Application, and also make it available as a native macOS Application. Not only that, but your existing .NET Application will continue to function under Windows, and you will receive a single code-base to support.

The porting approach that we employ is briefly outlined in the following article: Porting existing Desktop WinForm and WPF applications to the Web (Blazor WebAssembly)

Following is an outline of this approach benefits:
  • Single Code-Base - the result of the porting is a cross-platform application that works on Windows, inside the Browser (Web) and macOS. The application uses a single code-base, meaning the application code is close to 100% reused under all platforms.

  • Low-Risk - the risk of the porting is low because it generally involves rewriting the User Interface of our existing application to run on Nevron Open Vision components. This means that we will not write your application completely, but only the parts of it that bind you to Windows.

  • No Downtime - while we develop your Web and/or macOS application version, your application continues to work under Windows without interruption. You can also continue to develop your core-application logic.

  • Speed and Quality - the porting process is relatively quick, and by using time-tested reusable components you also receive a very high-quality application at a very affordable price!

Cross Platform .NET Application Development

Besides porting existing .NET applications to Web and macOS, we can also develop a your entire cross-platform application with a dedicated team of developers, recruited specifically for you.
By employing us to be your software development partner, you instantly receive the following benefits:
  1. Cross-Plaform

    By using Nevron Open Vision - the leading cross-platform development framework for .NET, your next cross-platform application will quickly be ready for the enterprise.

  2. Low Project Risk

    We have done this before and we have a developed strategy how to build your application, and support and enhance it afterwards. This translates to a an overall lower risk, involved in the development of your application.

  3. Low Development Cost and Time

    We know how to best integrate Nevron Software components, so that you fully benefit of their built-in features. By employing us from the start, we can plan ahead the best possible components integration, thus lowering the overall project cost and development time.