Financial Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

If you are a financial analyst in a company, there is actually no way you can do your job properly without visualizing the data that comes to you. Creating a chart or graph for each occurrence however will not only be time consuming, it will also limit your ability to observe the overall financial processes within the company thus restraining your abilities to take important decisions on time.

Nevron Consulting can help you by providing you with data visualization tools custom tailored to your own particular needs, which display your information in real time and make all necessarily calculations so you can focus on what is really important to you.
Financial dashboards

Risk Analysis

We, human beings, tend to make the biggest mistakes when surprised by unexpected information. Luckily in business there is a way to avoid this. By testing what-if scenarios and analyzing all important information prior to taking any decision you can rest assured that whatever happens you will be prepared to act and change the outcome to achieve your goals.

Investment Vs. Profit

The most common question financial analysts need to answer is: "What are the profits?". With a dashboard summing up all financial information in real time you can have a current answer to this question at any moment. Additionally, you can view which product or service the company is offering is most profitable or make suggestions that will help improve overall profitability in various areas.

Follow every financial process closely

Often times companies get excited over a new product or service and jump into creating it, investing both funds and thousands of human hours. As much as investment is needed for everything to succeed, a financial analyst's job will be to observe this process closely and warn management for potential dangers. Nevron Consulting can help you by supplying you with a dashboard that will allow you to observe the overall process as well as drill-down to segments and analyze them both as a single item or as a part of a whole.