Human Resources Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

What is the process of introducing new people to your organization? What are the stages they go through when they enter the company and is there a phase which many fail to complete because it isn't introduced well? Is there an established process through which people go and if not- can one be created? How do you follow the progress of new people inside your organization if you do at all? Is there a quick answer to the question "How is he/ she performing at work"?

With Nevron Consulting you can receive an easy answer to all these questions and many more by having a dashboard following the process of hiring people, getting them on board successfully and tracking their performance.
Human resources dashboards

Smoothen the process for new people joining your organization

When new people join your company it is crucial for the return of your investment to have them oriented as quickly as possible. This process does not need to be messy - with a dashboard that follows through the process for each new person you can at any stage know what they have already been introduced to and what is still pending. You can track their level of understanding and decide how to proceed with these new people without wasting valuable time.

Track the performance of employees

Whether you need to know how a team or an individual is performing, you can track all this with a dashboard that allows you to see each person individually, as a part of a team or compared to everyone in your organization. This can give you valuable insights on your best performers as well as crystal clear understanding which people have lost motivation or simply lack the needed skills.

Make sure your investment makes a difference

You know that each person in your organization is both an asset and a liability. Compare the performance of each individual or a team against the overall benefit your company has from the people in question to help yourself take smarter decisions.