Marketing Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

In the world of data doing marketing without measuring your result can be extremely destructive to your budgets. You don't have to shoot in the dark- with the help of Nevron Consulting you can count on visualized data that tracks performance of everything you do and tells you where your investments are best utilized.

Compare campaigns through different times of the year and understand which one was the most effective. Track the revenue and brand awareness each one is generating, but most importantly- understand which of your customers are engaged with your company and products so you can direct the efforts of your sales teams wisely.
Marketing dashboards

Measure your campaigns

Unlike back in the days, today marketing and advertising achievements can be measured through a number of parameters so you can decide which ones are effective and which are waste of capital and human hours. With a dashboard that tracks social media activity in real time or sales volumes during your campaigns you can understand their effectiveness while performing them or compare which one turned out to be the most effective while active or had a postponed effect.

Make confident marketing decisions

Most organizations run similar campaigns over the years in the hope that they will be as effective every time as when initially launched. With the help of Nevron Consulting you can leave assumptions aside and know for a fact if effectiveness is sustained through a period of time. Having the ability to monitor performance of campaigns will help you understand your market and customers in depth, thus allowing you to take strategic decisions and move ahead of time.

Segment your customers

A business intelligence dashboard with focus on your marketing department can give you a clear understanding of your customers, profiled by number of parameters. Understand which age groups are mostly using a specific product and which are the ones recommending it the most. Track the geographical aspects and understand the areas that demand more from a certain item and the areas where it remains on the shelves. This information plus much more can help you expand your offering, maximize earnings and leave competition behind.