Sales Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

Which is your most sold product or service? Which ones ranks second? Is this so because of the products' price, features or your sales people's understanding of them? Which time of the year is a certain product sold best? How does your marketing affects your sales? How long does it take a customer to decide on a purchase and how many of those customers return?

Contact Nevron Consulting today to have a custom BI dashboard created for you that will give you and your sales team answers to these questions and many more. Align your sales and your marketing efforts and reach maximum profitability by understanding your sales in depth.
Sales dashboards

Track your products' performance

In some occasions a newly launched product or service has a high demand at the beginning but over time the demand decreases drastically. In other cases, the demand for a certain item is periodical and depending on external factors. A company can choose to bet on assumptions and common sense or count on data and observe these trends over time to make informed decisions and thus minimize losses and increase profits.

Monitor your sales team activity

A good salesman is the jewel in the crown of any company - make sure you spot your best performance on time and award their dedication accordingly. A BI Dashboard monitoring the activity in your sales team can show you how many new customers each of your sales people have brought on board or who is the person that upsells most of his customers. You can measure the level of customer satisfaction from each representative or the amount of time each one of them dedicates to a certain product.

Align your marketing and sales efforts

Nevron Consulting can help you align the efforts of both your marketing and your sales team to ensure they are both focused on the same product or service at a given time. This will increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities by allowing the sales team to be prepared to cultivate every new opportunity and follow through every lead that your marketing can provide them with.