Technical Support Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards

How many tech support inquiries come to your company daily? Do they mainly come by email or phone? How quickly are they handled and what is the mean level of satisfaction amongst your customers? Is there a specific issue that occurs more often on which you may need to improve? All these are just some of the questions which may be asked for the technical support of a company.

We are confident you have more questions and their answers can help you organize your work better and provide exceptional technical support to your customers that will prove to your customers they have made the right choice. We can help you have this answers with just few clicks at any time!
Technical support dashboards

Act in prevention to issues

Receiving feedback from your customers over the features they like is extremely hard. However knowing what troubles them is a piece of cake because they will always reach out to you to find a solution to a problem with your product. Take advantage of this information and track the most common questions and issues to act in prevention and improve the item or service or train your tech support staff better in regards to certain issue so they can handle inquiries faster and more confident.

Track your staff's performance

How many of the technical support inquiries are answered in a timely manner and how many end up hanging in the air? Is there a lack of knowledge in your team or simply a lack of engagement? Who is the best performer and which are the representatives that do their best? Is anyone being irresponsible? You can easily know the answers to all these questions and make smart decisions accordingly. Contact Nevron Consulting today to get started.

Are you prepared for your busiest hours?

Are there inquiries left behind because your tech support representatives can't handle the load of calls or emails? Are there times when people are left with almost no work? Get a dashboard that tracks the busiest hours of the day and will allow you to have just the right amount of people so no customer's case is ever left unattended.