Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Education Industry

With the competition in education rising on a daily basis every educational institution needs to perform better than ever before. A stable and steady growth of the school or university can help it gain the trust of society and government, as well as of the companies that will in future be hiring its alumni.

  • Track the performance of students and teachers to adjust processes and achieve higher results.
  • Analyze the accomplishments of tasks assigned to students and understand what needs to be adjusted or improved.
  • View which teachers perform best and which teaching techniques need to be adopted by other teachers or discontinued.
Have all the data you need to take decisions that elevate your educational institution to higher levels.

Analyze the performance of students

Ensuring that the teaching actually reaches the students is never easy, but monitoring various aspects of the process can shed quite some light on the matter. Observe the performance on students on various assignments over a period of time to understand if a specific one is too easy or too difficult for the students’ current level. Watch the changes in performance over the years to ensure the quality of the education your institution provides is rising and the used teaching techniques are indeed effective.

Advance your HR processes

Having the right teachers in your team can make you or break you. You don't need to take these decisions based on assumptions - you can have a visualized data representation on the performance of each teacher over a period of time and see if they are advancing their work or becoming lazy. This will not only help you choose right but it will provide you with information at any time so you can take measures before any situation becomes complicated or difficult to handle.

Control your campus with a click of a mouse

The maintenance of number of buildings can really get out of control especially during the busy times of the year. This can easily be avoided by having a dashboard visualizing measures taken to prevent problems, the progress in each one of them as well as all costs associated with it. A visualization of this sort can help you control your budget better and plan needed finances for future advancements of the amenities, renovations or upgrades.