Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for Government Organizations

All governments around the world have something in common and this something is the responsibility of taking decisions that affect millions of people at the same time. And no government can ever afford the luxury of deciding based on assumptions.

This is where Nevron Consulting can be a helping hand. We can create literally any dashboard needed to visualize the important events and trends within a society, economy, education, agriculture, banking and many more areas that will empower the ones responsible to take control, apply changes and follow through the processes to ensure the tasks set are completed.

Analyze crime to help prevention

Visualized data can be a powerful ally that shows you the crime trends by number of parameters such as more endangered areas, time when most crimes are committed, age groups of criminals, type of crimes and many other. All the information can help you act in prevention, allocate resources to the right places and ensure you are always prepared to step in when an issue occurs.

Back your decisions with visualized proof

Often governments are being blamed for lack of transparency in their politics but this can be easily changed. Nevron Consulting has the ability to provide you with visualized data on important aspects of a country's development which you can then choose to share publicly. Sharing can of course be full or partial and information can be displayed on websites, inside reports or even in an application if needed.

Analyze the entire country or drill down to local areas

There are numerous aspects of a country's development that need to be visualized as a whole and then seen in details separated by provinces and even cities. A well planned and executed dashboard can help you achieve this without any technical knowledge needed on your site. Using this methodology you can take advantage of huge amounts of data without spending countless hours trying to read large datasets and make sense of them.