Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Manufacturing Industry

In today's fast changing markets only the ones quick to adapt will survive. Nevron Consulting is offering you an easy way to become one of those companies that see the future before it happens.

With customized dashboards and sophisticated data visualization you can observe every aspect of the manufacturing process and predict shortage of supplies, changes in costs and many other potential problems before they actually arise. This will give you the chance to act in prevention, thus never allowing the process chain to break.

Production Analysis

Observe the process of production in detail through precisely visualized data to make knowledge based decisions on needed changes or optimizations. Preview the differences before and after every new implementation and the overall impact is has on the productivity of both people and machinery.

Quality control

Combine together all of the data which has impact on the quality of the product and make sure each department and each machine involved in the process operates without a compromise at any time. Combine raw materials information with machine specs and adjust the needed quantities prior to producing to assure the quality will match your requirements.

Capacity analysis

With the correct data visualization you can preview the capacity of each production line to increase or decrease load in different areas accordingly. This will allow you to make strategic decisions and ensure your manufacturing process runs smoothly at full speed.