Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Mining Industry

Modern mining organizations understand the value of data driven approach that allows them to operate in a manner which is satisfactory to government regulations, local communities and environment as well.

A well displayed data can help any organization provide visual information regarding its decision to exploit a certain area. It can provide easy to understand data regarding the overall impact it projects to have on local economy by using the onsite workforce, the financial benefits to the economic stability of the country in general as well as the overall environmental impact.

Analyze and track environmental impact

One of the most important aspects of the work of any mining organization is assuring the negative environmental impact is brought to minimum. Nevron Consulting can help you with that providing you with a dashboard gathering insights from various parameters you are measuring and displaying them in a manner easy to read and understand.

Monitor machinery performance and condition

To never face troubles with the machinery used on your site you can track the overall equipment health, service time and days since last inspection or have the machines connected to the dashboards displaying potential problems in real time. This will allow you to always take preventive measures and act ahead of problems.

Operate your budget wisely

Track your expenses over machinery maintenance, work force and every other investment at any time and have a clear view of what might require adjustments or changes at any time.