Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Pharmaceutical Industry

It is in no other industry where correct data visualization is more important than in the pharmaceutical, in which data is directly linked to human life. Being one of the fastest developing industries where decisions always needs to be sharp and precise, the pharmaceutical business is constantly under a great deal of pressure.

With this in mind Nevron Consulting is offering to you customized dashboards, created with nothing but perfection in standards, which will provide you with the exact knowledge you need to excel in helping people and saving lives.

Visualize lab test results on new drugs

Ease the work process of the scientists involved with a new drug - visualize all the lab tests results so they can spend more solving critical problems than trying to read and understand huge data sets.

Have the right drugs available at the right locations

Having a BI dashboard telling you which area needs an additional supply of certain medicine as well as in which areas another one is less demanded can help you operate your distribution smarter, thus minimizing loss and increasing profits.