Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards for the Technology Industry

From speeding up time to market, through ensuring agility in processes and all the way to observing most used functionality in a product, a BI dashboard can help any tech company excel in its field and leave competition behind. With Nevron Software's business intelligence services you can easily set your business apart without having to allocate resources.

Contact us to get a completely customized, fit to your own project requirements dashboard that can help you operate as fast as your industry is demanding.

Observe every project's evolvement, anywhere in the world

If you have a team you need to control which is based in a different location, tracking the progress of the project granted to the people in it can be a challenging task. Nevron Consulting can help you by setting a dashboard following every important aspect and visualizing the data in real time, so you can make important decisions based on true knowledge.

Analyze your components

Your hardware and your people are your investment - you should at any time be informed how this investment is performing and which are the areas, that you can work on to improve. This information is also going to be of great help to you when forming the costs of the products you are releasing and planning your organization’s overall profitability. Don't take any more decisions in the dark- let us help you identify and analyze the most important areas of your business and their performance.

Don't settle for template solutions - have it done your way!

Being in the tech industry you already know there are thousands of template solutions available to any organization. You probably also know that having them tailored to an organization's specific needs often turns out more costly and time-consuming than creating a new one from scratch, which is of course started with the right vision in mind. This is exactly why you should trust Nevron Consulting - with 15+ years of experience in data visualization we can create literally any dashboard with great precision and within budget.