.NET Application Development

.NET Application Development

Specialized consulting services in the areas of:
  • Data Visualization, Dashboards and Reports
  • Scientific and High-Performance 3D Charting
  • Diagrams, Flowcharts, Org Charts, Human Machine Interfaces etc.
  • Rich Text Processing, Document Generation and Reporting
  • Cross-Platform Application Development
  • Outsourcing of .NET and Web Projects

.NET Application Development

Nevron Consulting provides high-quality specialized .NET Development and Outsourcing services, that benefit from Nevron Software components and technologies.
Following are the main areas in which we can be of help to your organization:
  1. Data Visualization

    We can integrate professional Dashboards, that incorporate industry-leading Charts, Gauges, and Maps in your .NET applications.

  2. Diagrams and Visual Relations Editors

    We can develop feature-rich diagramming solutions for HMI Interfaces, Flowcharts, Org-Charts, and all types of graph-related visual editors.

  3. Text Processing and Reporting

    We can develop document-processing applications with integrated reporting capabilities.

  4. Microsoft Office-like User Interfaces

    We have the components needed to quickly polish your applications with Microsoft - Office style user interfaces.

.NET Application Outsourcing

Besides enhancing specific aspects of your application, we can also develop your entire application with a dedicated team of developers, recruited specifically for you.
By employing us to be your software development partner, you instantly receive the following benefits:
  1. High Application Quality

    Probably the best benefit that you get! By using proven development best-practices and integrating high-quality components your application will quickly be ready for the enterprise.

  2. Low Project Risk

    We have done this before and we have a developed strategy how to build your application, and support and enhance it afterwards. This translates to a an overall lower risk, involved in the development of your application.

  3. Low Development Cost and Time

    We know how to best integrate Nevron Software components, so that you fully benefit of their built-in features. By employing us from the start, we can plan ahead the best possible components integration, thus lowering the overall project cost and development time.

.NET Development Target Platforms

Custom cross platform dashboards


We can develop industry leading Web applications using Blazor.

Custom dashboards for windows


We can develop or enhance any WinForms or WPF application.

Custom dashboards for Mac

Mac (OSX)

We can develop or enhance any Xamarin.Mac application.