Nevron Consulting Services

Desktop dashboards

.NET Application Development

We provide Rapid .NET Application Development services, that integrate Nevron Software Components and Technologies. We can be of great help in the following areas of .NET Application Development:
  • Dashboards and Data Visualization
  • Scientific and High-Performance 3D Charting
  • Diagrams, Flow Charts, Org Charts, HMI Interfaces etc.
  • Rich Text Processing, Document Manipulation, Text Visualization, Reporting etc.
  • Microsoft Office-like User Interfaces

Web business intelligence

.NET Application Porting to Web and macOS

If you have a .NET Application that you want to instantly run on the Web, then we can be of great help.

By using the unique Nevron Open Vision for >NET cross-platform development framework, we can quickly run your .NET application inside the browser. What is even better - your application will continitue to work on Windows and as a bonus on macOS.

We are also one of the best alternatives you have, if you are considering starting a new cross-platform project.


SQL Server Reporting

Business methodology nowadays allows the collection and storage of large amounts of data regarding nearly every aspect of the business lifecycle. Microsoft’s SQL Server database is one of the most widely used means of storing this information. SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a SQL Server add-on, that can help you translate your data into meaningful insights that any member of the organization can use to make informed decisions.

It will be hard to find a company with deeper and more detailed understanding of SQL Server Reporting Services. Besides building complete reporting solutions, we can provide you with exceptional data visualization that SSRS does not offer by default. We can also develop custom Report Items to solve your most complex data visualization needs.

If your company owns an Enterprise, Standard or Express edition of Microsoft SQL Server, you already have Reporting Services available to you. All you need to do is to configure it to provide every decision maker with the information he or she needs. This is where Nevron Consulting can help you.

Sharepoint dashboards

SharePoint Dashboards

Our team of experts has extensive technical knowledge and understanding of SharePoint. Additionally, we have worked with hundreds of small and large companies to understand what they need to visualize and how this information will benefit their working process.

This gives us the confidence that we can satisfy your most complex data visualization needs by integrating the highest quality data visualization solution for SharePoint available today. Furthermore we can customize it to fit your own unique needs and requirements. No data visualization task is impossible in SharePoint, if you are working with Nevron Consulting.