SharePoint Dashboards Consulting

SharePoint Dashboards Consulting

Specialized consulting in the areas of:
  • Nevron Vision for SharePoint WebParts Configuration
  • Development of BI Dashboards in SharePoint
  • Development of Custom WebParts

About SharePoint Dashboards

Sharepoint dashboards
SharePoint is all about giving your organization a better way to organize and collaborate your work. Any collaborative work in SharePoint is associated with tons of data that needs to be presented to different types of SharePoint users.

SharePoint itself is a large ecosystem of diverse data sources all merged together in a single, web-based environment. To get the most out of SharePoint, organizations need the means to visualize and analyze diverse data directly in SharePoint.

This is where Nevron Consulting can help. We can deliver best-in-class Dashboards inside any SharePoint page that extract data from databases and SharePoint specific data sources.

What can We do for You?

Monitor with sharepoint dashboard
Nevron Consulting has experience and knowledge in building custom Digital Dashboards in SharePoint. Whether you need complete Dashboards, or just Charts and KPIs in specific SharePoint pages - Nevron Consulting is here to help you get the most out of your data in SharePoint.

Following is a brief list of the Nevron Dashboards for SharePoint features:

Native SharePoint Solution

Connect to any Data Sources

Build-in Data Analysis

Great Presentation Quality

Completely editable inside the Browser

Why Nevron Consulting for SharePoint?

Achieve the best results
Nevron Consulting has over 7 years of experience in building SharePoint dashboards. We have deep understanding of the specific requirements that SharePoint poses to data visualization solutions, because we have developed dashboards for all types of clients - from small companies to multinational corporations.

Nevron Consulting is integrating the data visualization web parts inside the Nevron Vision for SharePoint suite. This means that we can provide our clients with the following unique offerings:
  • Proven Solution
    This is a proven solution that is used by all types of clients, including government organizations with very stringent security policies.

  • Leading Data Visualization
    This is a solution that delivers best-in-class data visualization for SharePoint. No other data visualization solution for SharePoint offers better performance, flexibility and features.

  • Modularly Extendable
    This is a modular solution, that blends very well into the web specific requirements of SharePoint. We have the knowledge to develop custom web parts (modules) and connect the existing web parts to custom data sources, so we can serve your most demanding data visualization needs in SharePoint.